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What is the production process of block making machine
Jun 14 , 2023
What steps are usually included in the production process of block making machines? HGMA will take you to understand the following. The specific process may vary depending on the type of block, equipment type and production requirements.
Raw material preparation: Select suitable raw materials, such as brick soil, concrete, lime sand, etc., and accurately weigh and mix raw materials according to the formula to ensure the quality of the final product.

Crushing and screening: If the raw material used contains larger particles or impurities, the steps of crushing and screening are required. This can be done with crushing equipment (such as crushers) and screening equipment (such as vibrating screens) to obtain the desired particle size and purity.

Batching and mixing: According to the formula of the block, the pre-weighed raw materials are batched and fully mixed by mixing equipment (such as a mixer) to ensure that various raw materials are evenly distributed and form a uniform mixture.

Forming and pressing: The mixture is sent into the block making machine, and the blocks with specific shape and size are formed through the action of the forming die. The forming dies can be replaced as needed to produce different types of blocks.

Curing and Curing: Formed blocks need to be cured and cured to give them sufficient strength and stability. This usually involves placing the blocks in the proper environment, with proper wet or dry curing, so that the blocks can fully harden and cure.

Packaging and storage: Once the blocks have achieved the required strength and stability, they can be packaged and stored. Packaging may be in bags, pallets or other suitable means to protect the blocks from external damage. Storage should be carried out under dry, ventilated and moisture-proof conditions to avoid moisture or other damage to the blocks.

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